The Ali Family

We are a family of three living in Oakville. We have been cleaning up our eating habits over the past couple of years. We strive to eat mostly organic food and we try to cook and bake things from scratch whenever possible. We still love to eat out, too, but try to make healthy choices.

We love our green smoothies and usually have one  a day! 🙂 Caelib, 4 years old, loves to drink his smoothie with three straws like Wolverine! 🙂 Our favourite combination includes collard greens, blueberries and lemon or lime! 🙂

We belong to a CSA, Plan B Organic Farms which helps us eat a variety of fruits and vegetables. Every week, we pick up an order of fresh produce and eggs from a small flock. Belonging to a CSA has helped us experiment more with food. Our CSA sends weekly emails letting us know the contents of our share and gives us recipe suggestions, too.

We hope that this blog will motivate us to stick to our whole food diet and to recycle some of the ideas we come across for quick, healthy meals.


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