On the Quest for the Perfect Carrot Muffin

I have been trying to find a good carrot muffin recipe for awhile! I have tried a few, but this one has potential! I found this recipe online:


I want a recipe that can be made in the Vitamix and this one met that requirement, although I guess I could do the wet ingredients from any recipe in the Vitamix! These turned out nice and moist. I will use this recipe again, but I would mix in some raisins, as I found myself wanting more texture in the muffins, but this goes against the whole purpose of the recipe judging from the site where from which I grabbed it. I liked how it used coconut oil and a banana! Very healthy and easy to digest!

You can see that Cdub thoroughly enjoyed the muffins which were more like cupcakes than muffins really! 🙂






Happy St Patrick’s Day

To celebrate St Patrick’s Day, I made Irish Stew! I combined beef, potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, cabbage, parsnips, onions and beets. I added a bottle of Mill Street Organic lager, some water, thyme, salt and pepper. I baked it for 1 hour at 350 degrees and then 2 more hours at 275 degrees. I must admit it turned out perfectly! 🙂