Pizza, Chicken & Casserole

Tuesday night, we made our own pizzas by using naan, pasta sauce, mushrooms and shredded cheese. This was quick and easy since Tuesday is skating night. Sorry… no time for pictures!

Wednesday, I made mashed potatoes, chicken with yellow peppers and mushrooms in an Asian sauce with a side of corn. There were no left-overs!!!! 🙂

The recipe for the sauce for the chicken and vegetables was Bragg’s liquid soy seasoning, a few drops of sesame oil and honey. I learned how to make this simple marinade at a Real Canadian Superstore cooking class and have used it several times in a variety of dishes. I have also mixed it with olive oil to make a slaw dressing. I cooked the veggies and chicken in the cast iron pan which gave it even more flavour.


Tonight, I used the cabbage delivered in our weekly CSA box to inspire the meal. I browned ground beef from Rowe Farms with garlic, added crushed tomatoes, sea salt, pepper, thyme and basil and half a head of cabbage. I boiled this for about 20 minutes until the cabbage wilted. I then mixed in some shredded cheese and added some on top before popping the whole pot into the oven for about 15 minutes.


The cabbage casserole was a hit, but next time I will add a bit of spice somehow! 🙂