Chicken Soup & Congee for a Sick Boy

Thursday night, Caelib woke up with a stomach bug which lasted the better part of Friday. This meant that our plan to eat our leftovers wouldn’t work. I decided to make a quick chicken soup…

I boiled 5 chicken legs in water until the meat was falling of the bone. I added a bit of apple cider vinegar in hopes of drawing out more minerals from the bones even though I wasn’t committed to boil it for too long like a bone broth.

I then added sliced carrots (we have an abundance from our CSA!), white radish and two potatoes. For flavour I added a cube of chicken soup base, as well as three cloves of fresh garlic, a red onion, thyme, basil and black pepper. I didn’t add salt since it was already in the cube, but we did add a bit while eating since there was no salt flavour at all. Caelib had a few sips of the broth, but it still felt like too much.


Today, I decided to make congee with the leftover soup. I rinsed and boiled about 1 cup of basmati rice with about 4-5 cups of water. When the rice was soft, I added in the leftover soup and turned it down to a simmer. The soup mixed in really well and Caelib loved the congee! 🙂

After some doses of arsenicum, a visit to our naturopath for Bowen therapy and a dose of pulsatilla, his appetite is back and this was a perfect back-to-eating food! 🙂